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About Grundfos

Grundfos is a leading producer of pumps which is specialized in  SP submersible pumps for dewatering applications, dosing pumps, end suction, SP, booster sets, wastewater and solar powered solutions for set and forget requirements and many many other pumps for countless mining applications. 

Grundfos is the largest pump manufacturer in the world, based in Denmark, with more than 19,000 employees globally. The annual production of more than 16 million pump units, circulator pumps (UP), submersible pumps (SP), and centrifugal pumps (CR). Grundfos also produces electric motors for the pumps as well as electric motors for separate merchandising. Grundfos develops and sells electronics for controls for pumps and other systems.

General Pumps Pvt Ltd is the authorized distributor of Gundfos Domestic Pumps in Tamil Nadu

Commonly Asked Questions About Grundfos

1. Where can I buy a Grundfos Pump in Chennai?

General Pumps Pvt Ltd is an authorized distributor of Grundfos Domestic Pumps in Chennai. With more than 20 years of experience in the domestic pumps industry and highly skilled engineers and technicians they are a solution oriented company and strive at provifing their customers with nothing less than the best experience. 

2. Is Grundfos worth it? 

Grundfos Pumps are placed at par with the international standard for quality pumping solutions like KSB Pumps, and Kirlosker. Grundfos pumps cannot be compared on the same level of Indian competitive pump brands such as CRI or Crompton

3. Where are Grundfos Pumps manufactured?

Grundfos is the worlds largest pump manufacturer based out of Denmark in Europe.

4. Can Grundfos Pumps perform in the long run?

Grundfos Pumps are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime , these pumps can withstand the test of time at any period and at any time of the day. when you buy from Grundfos you don’t just buy pumps , you also buy longevity and dependability.

5. Is Grundfos booster pumps reliable?

Grundfos Pumps never compromise in the efficiency and quality of components used to build their pumps. The booster pumps are made from top grade 100% stainless steel to avoid rusting and any form of corrosion in the long run.

6. Are Grundfos Booster Pumps budget friendly?

The cost of installation and the maintenance cost of Grundfos booster pumps are comparatively cheaper compared to its competitors. these pumps also reduce the power consumption which in turn reduces the cost of bills. the after services of the pumps are also very minimal and very feasible.

7. Are Grundfos Pumps easy to use and operate?

Grundfos Booster Pumps are equipped with multiple features that are easy , simple to use and understand. the use of the best high grade quality components and the latest technology makes it light weight to operate. This makes everyday utility very easy 

8. How is Grundfos after sales service ?

Grundfos never fails to amaze you , they offer onsite repairs with proficient professionals at your convenience to fix them on site along with workshop repairs , replacements and a full 5 year guarantee. General Pumps Pvt Ltd is an authorised distributor of Grundfos in Chennai where buying and servicing of pumps are done easily.