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High pressure Washers

The use of a Kärcher high-pressure cleaner Since its inception in 1950, Kärcher has been dedicated to developing and perfecting the high-pressure cleaner. stronger cleaning power with minimal water use. More time between cleanings, longer lifespan. When it comes to technical sophistication and adaptability, the range of products offered by global market leader Kärcher leaves nothing to be desired. These include products that use heated or unheated water, are powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines, and can be either mobile or stationary. Find out more about the many applications here.


Better cleaning result

Reduced cleaning agent consumption

Shorter drying time

Improved hygiene

Industrial Vacuum cleaners

All sorts of grime can be easily sucked up by both wet and dry vacuums. Regardless of the consistency, Kärcher vacuums can pick it up. So, you can choose between using it as a dry vacuum or a wet vacuum, depending on your needs.


Rugged container with bumpers and metal castors.

Flexible hose and power cable storage

Detachable filter casing


suitable for use in garages, hallways, and workshops. for maintenance workers, specialists, outside cleaners, and manufacturers. Push brooms and sweeper vacuums aren’t as user-friendly as their walk-behind counterparts, but they’re still manageable. They do a great job of sweeping, and they leave very little dust behind (even in the corners). From 300 m2, traction-drive machines are recommended. 

For cleaning production halls, warehouses and logistics halls, as well as loading areas

For cleaning car parks and service stations

For cleaning areas such as school yards and in the municipal environment

Also ideal for smaller workshops and in agriculture

Floor Scrubbers

When you want your flooring to shine, The floors are pristine and sanitary after being cleaned with a Kärcher scrubber drier. guaranteed to perform like a champ. Our professionals and generalists know how to clean any kind of home quickly and for a good price.


Robust and durable control elements

Simple operation thanks to EASY-Operation Panel

Small, compact machine

Large tank volume for long work intervals

Home Base system

Affordable entry-level model in the 25 to 35 litre class

Carpet Cleaners

A Kärcher carpet cleaner is a durable, powerful, and versatile tool for cleaning carpets and other materials and removing stubborn stains. With the right attachments, a Karcher carpet cleaner makes it easy to clean even the hardest-to-reach parts of your upholstery and car seats.


2 contra-rotating rollers

Cleaning fibres and sweeping in a single operation.

Includes waste container..