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Makita Brush Cutters

Brush cutters are gasoline-powered garden or agricultural tools which are used to trim grounded trees, bushes, plants, and grasses.

Power units

There are three primary types of power unit:

  • Gas engines, either two or four stroke, are incorporated on the more powerful machines.
  • Electric motors connected to mains electricity through a power cord.
  • Cordless electric motors driven by rechargeable batteries

Shaft & cutting head

    • A simple consumer unit’s shaft is curved, similar to that of a line trimmer.
    • Professional units employ a straight shaft with a gearbox at the end of the cutting head.
    • Trimmer head with bump feed, brush knife, and chain flail
    • Cutting heads consist of circular saw blades (chisel teeth or scratcher teeth), brush knives, grass blades, and so on. Most brushcutters permit the attachment of additional heads, such as bump feed and fixed line heads used on line trimmers or modified saw blades resembling a chainsaw-like beaver blade. On the cutting side of the machine, deflectors are mounted to protect the operator from debris thrown by the cutting head.

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Makita Brush Cutters