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Makita lawn mower or a grass cutter is a grounded machine that is used to cut garden grass and high bushes. It has a built-in revolving blade that cuts grass at equal heights through propulsion. 

A lawn mower has one or more rotating blades that cut the grass to a similar length. Other names for this tool include mower, grass cutter, and lawnmower. Even though the height of the cut grass may be fixed by the design of the mower, it is normally adjustable by the operator by means of a single master lever or a lever, nut, or bolt on each of the wheels. Blades can be powered by a corded or battery-operated electric motor, or they can be manually turned by pushing the mower forward, which causes them to spin because they are coupled to the wheels. Most self-contained lawn mowers are powered by internal combustion engines of relatively little displacement. Walk-behind mowers are self-propelled and just require a human to walk behind and control them; smaller mowers often have no propulsion at all and must be operated by a person to travel across a surface. Self-propelled walk-behind variants are the most common type of larger lawn mower, while ride-on types, which allow the operator to sit atop the mower, are also common. Lawn-mowing bots, as Automatic lawn mowers are more commonly referred to, can be set to operate completely independently or, less commonly, with the aid of a remote control.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Makita

1.  What is the best mower for value for money?

Makita design and manufacture the best lawn mowers that can perform in the long run without any difficulty or issue. These mowers are brushless so the maintenance costs and the cost of its spares are also very economical or inexpensive. The latest and the up to date mowers of Makita are easily available at General Pumps Pvt Ltd. 

2. What is the life span of a Makita Lawn Mower?

Makita lawn mowers use the latest cutting edge technology and the best high grade quality components to design their lawn mowers and can get anywhere from seven to eleven years or even longer depending on the maintenance and other factors such as terrain and number of hours used. Makita lay claim to a runtime of 40 minutes. 


3. Is it worth buying a Makita?

Makita is a great and a highly recommendable brand and is one of the best tool brands on the market. It is known for high quality powered tools and has a reputation for being a step ahead in quality compared to its competitors. These tools promote less wear and tear and produces less heat. As a result can last longer compared to other lawn mowers. 


4. Where can I buy lawn mowers in Chennai?

Makita manufactures its tools across the globe and has its factories in Brazil, Japan, Romania, Germany, United Arab Emirates and the United States. General Pumps Pvt Ltd is an authorised distributors of Makita and have wide range of tools available where buying and servicing are done very easily at the same time.