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Hot Water Recirculation Pumps



COMFORT are hot water recirculation pumps developed for single- and two-family homes that  are energy-efficient. Due to the corrosion-resistant pump housings, these pumps are    suitable for potable water.



The Grundfos MAGNA circulator pumps are designed for commercial heating and cooling applications. The pumps are available in cast-iron, stainless steel, and dual-head configurations. Due  to the canned-rotor design, these pumps require  no maintenance. 


The Grundfos MAGNA1 N circulator pump is the stainless-steel version of the MAGNA1 pump for situations where the liquid needs it, such as in home hot-water systems. The pump may communicate via a fault relay and digital start/stop and provides basic system control and monitoring.


Domestic water pressure boosting


The Grundfos MAGNA3 N circulator pump offers    all the premium features and best-in-class  efficiency of MAGNA3 in a stainless steel version      if the liquid warrants it, such as in household hot water applications.


UP, UPS Series 100

Ground Water Intake Pumps

The Grundfos UP, UPS Series 100 circulator pumps are intended for use in heating, household hot-water, cooling, and air-conditioning systems. The pumps are offered in a variety of materials and dual-head configurations, making them   appropriate for a variety of applications. The pumps are dependable and require no maintenance.

UPA, Home improvement

UPA is a domestic, in-line, high-efficiency booster pump developed for residential properties. UPA boosts the water pressure at showers, faucets, and other tapping points to the desired levels.