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Vacuum Cleaners

Extremely long-lasting and well-suited for quickly and thoroughly cleaning big indoor and outdoor spaces, such as the basement, garage, and patio, Karcher’s wet and dry vacuum cleaners are a great investment. With the right tools, dirt of any size, texture, moisture content, or dryness can be effectively eliminated. Furthermore, even the largest dirt particles are easily gathered thanks to the exceptionally high suction force and meticulously constructed nozzles.

1.Removable handle

2.Easy filter removal

3.Extremely durable

4.Optimal dirt pick-up

5.Effortless working

6.Completely Airtight

7.More efficient motors

8.Optimal air flow

Pressure Washers

Whether you need a soft touch or a thorough scrub, Karcher pressure washers are the answer. In a space where grime had previously reigned, cleanliness has taken over. In no time at all, Karcher can make your drab surroundings look sophisticated and valuable. The development of such state-of-the-art high-pressure cleaners is the result of years of dedicated engineering, strict adherence to quality standards, and a deep understanding of their intended uses.

Application areas :


lawn and garden tools/machines

patio furniture

fences and walkways

steps and entrances

Push Sweeper

Professional sweeping skill “Year-round is the ideal time for sweeping. The ergonomic and powerful S 4 and S 6 sweepers from Kärcher make quick work of clearing away debris year-round, whether it’s a layer of sand in the spring, leaves in the fall, or grit in the winter.”

Easy to operate

Flexible and comfortable

Cleanliness in every detail

Uncomplicated and compact

Easy disposal



By using a Kärcher steam cleaner, you can be assured that every surface in your home has been meticulously cleaned without the use of harmful chemicals, and that your entire family can enjoy the results. The steam has such a high cleaning efficiency that it can eliminate as much as 99.999%* of corona viruses and 99.99%** of all common household bacteria, making for a clean and safe environment in which to live. Whether you’re using it in the kitchen, bathroom, on the floor, or even to press your clothes, Kärcher always produces the best results thanks to its powerful steam. See the many uses it has right now!

Application areas :

Floor cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Bathroom cleaning

Steam ironing

Floor Cleaner

Want a faster and less work method of floor maintenance? Or to clean the floor from top to bottom in one fell swoop, preferably without the need for a vacuum first? Would you rather be tethered to one spot or have the ability to go around with a cordless, high-powered battery device? For any challenge, you can pick from our many potent options. Our most compact and easy-to-control cordless vacuum, the FC 3, is ideal for quick cleanups involving simply a wipe down. The FC 5 versions are great for picking up dust and smaller crumbs, while the FC 7 Cordless may be used to quickly and simply remove even gritty dirt without the need for a further vacuuming step.

Application areas :

For all hard floors such as parquet, laminate, cork, stone, linoleum and PVC

Perfect cleaning results along edges