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Chicago Pneumatic Tools

General Pumps Pvt Ltd is an authorized distributor of Chicago Pneumatic Tools in Chennai. We carry a complete range of Chicago Pneumatic spare parts, air tools, air impact wrenches, pneumatic sanders, pneumatic grinders, pneumatic drills and various other special tools.

Impact wrenches

Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic Air impact wrench or rattle gun is driven by compressed air and is made from the use of cutting edge technology and high quality materials, such as composite housing or steel housing to ensure ultimate durability and produce maximum torque. 

• 3/8″ to 2 12″ sizes

• Compact

• Lightweight

Percussion tools

Ratchet wrenches

Chicago Pneumatic scaler is one of the best heavy duty percussion tool with 4,600 blows per minute, high wear resistant making it the most  durable and lightweight tool that is reliable for any surface preparation needs such as cleaning, removing of dirt, rust or paint. 

• Adjustable sleeve

• Steel needles

•Quick Change chisel retainer


Chicago Pneumatic

CP manufacture the best sanders powered by a powerful 0.3 hp motor with sanders ranging from random orbital sanders, belt sanders to pistol sanders equipped with soft grip ensuring easy to use for everyday activities like smoothing and polishing. 

• Good for rust removal, sanding 

• Low vibrations and noise level

• Tear drop design

Compression tools


Our rivet squeezers were specifically created for the market for aerospace maintenance, repair, and operations. They are ergonomic, making them perfect for important tasks in aircraft metal structure repair. They offer the best riveting option for maximizing productivity and minimizing overall cost. You gain from Chicago Pneumatic’s high-quality products for your demands in aerospace maintenance when you use our riveting tools.

The ergonomic and safe way to do riveting


Chicago Pneumatic

Complete range of CP pencil grinders, die die grinders and angle grinders ( from 50mm up to 180mm ). With a slim and a compact body ensuring fine control, maximising the material removal rate and access to tight spaces to perform precise work for both home and professional use. 

• Perfect for detail grinding, sculpting and polishing

• quiet and lightweight

• Easy to handle

Ratchet wrenches

Chicago Pneumatic has high-quality pneumatic ratchet wrenches in sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 1/2″ square drive. Pneumatic ratchets thrive in fastening situations where space is limited or where weight is a concern due to their compact size and low bulk.

• High Speed, High Power & Superior Durability

• Powerful, Comfortable & Durable.


Drills Pneumatic tools

CP heavy duty drills comes along with strong and precise gearbox of industrial quality with high ergonomic handle for enhanced comfort, with high speed and power that allows them to drill holes anywhere from 6mm to 50mm. 

• Small and easy to handle

• Less noise 

• High performance and safety ensured

Speaciality and cutting

Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago pneumatic power tools includes riveters, caulking guns, air files, and blow guns, which are also available in this assortment.

• Riveting tools

• Cutting tools



Chicago Pneumatic has a wide selection of screwdrivers that have been meticulously designed to fulfil your needs for efficiency, accuracy, and durability even in the most strenuous of tasks.

• Fast & easy to use

• Very handy & Versatile