Grundfos Hot Water Recirculation

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Authorized dealer for Grundfos Domestic Pumps in Chennai* Grundfos offers you the best water recirculation pump with a simple and convenient mounting solution. Installed above your water heater, it pumps hot water to any fixture in your home through a motion sensor placed near each fixture. The sensor valve knows when your water drops below a certain temperature, and automatically pumps more hot water to your system
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Grundfos Hot Water Recirculation Systems


Grundfos hot water recirculation pumps come with a range of features that can help provide homeowners with the most comfortable showering experience possible while being energy efficient at the same time. Grundfos product features allow installers to meet varying customers' needs, whether they want to enjoy shorter waiting times in between hot water cycles while still cutting down on energy consumption or they want to reduce their energy bills without having to compromise on their showering experience!


Saving customers money and saving installers time


Grundfos pumps come in modular sizes, enabling replacements to be swift and easy. Products within their COMFORT range function with corresponding pipe fittings, which are even compatible with competing products. Fewer opportunities for mistakes mean no subsequent call backs, trips back to the site, or delays while waiting for specific parts to arrive. ALPHA N and UPS N pumps take this one step further by incorporating additional optimizing features so users of Grundfos products can get optimum performance from their systems if they choose not to replace products with those from other suppliers.



  • ALPHA1 N
  • ALPHA2 N
  • UP, UPS (N)
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