` Leading Car, SUV, MUV Battery Manufacturer in India - Bosch

Bosch Automotive Battery

Bosch Automotive Batteries are suitable for all brands of bikes, scooters, cars, rickshaws and trucks in India. Buy Bosch Batteries from an authorized dealer near you. 

Bike & Two Wheeler Batteries

Bosch Two Wheeler Batteries

Car & Four Wheeler Battery

The S3 Starting-Lighting-Ignition was designed with a special grid alloy. It is optimized for current flow and deterioration. Long life for cars and three-wheelers

Cars created each model from scratch. The batteries are powered by silver-alloy technology. These models are fully maintenance free, long-lasting with backfire protection.

Commercial Vehicle Battery

The T4 Starting-Lighting-Ignition (SLI) Lead Acid Battery. The T4 battery was reinforced with a body powered by a unique alloy grid for high vibration resistance and is maintenance-free.