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JINDAL MULTITRADE PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private incorporated on 27 December 2013 and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Mumbai.

As a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), we have obtained our Registration certificate from the Reserve Bank of India. And we are operating under Reserve Bank of India (‘RBI’) regulations/directions, and our financial activities are governed by the various Indian laws and RBI regulations/directions.

Relying on technology, we strive to turn lending into a quick, simple and hassle free process. The fully automated process leads to elimination of paperwork, physical movements (of either papers or clients), quick loan disbursals and smooth loan servicing .We endeavour to provide to the client a world class borrowing experience that is truly seamless, intuitive, convenient and user friendly.
The Board of Directors The Board of Directors provides the overall direction to manage the operations of the company. All the regulatory and operational policies, duly approved by the Board, serve as the guidelines to action for the operational team.
Pradip Chimanlal Shah


Shrikrishan Parameshwaridas Jindal

Chartered Accountant

Ajay Shrikrishan Jindal


Sanjay Shrikrishan Jindal


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Corporate Governance We realize the importance of corporate governance and seeks to implement the best practices in each of its areas of operations. We strongly believe that we have an obligation or duty as a corporate entity to all our stakeholders; from customers, employees , business partners, government, regulatory authorities and the society at large. We aim to strike the right balance between minimising business risks while attempting to maximise business growth.
Corporate Governance at JINDAL MULTITRADE PRIVATE LIMITED is based on the following main principles:
Timely and strict compliance with all governing rules, regulations and guidelines. Fair and equitable treatment of all its stakeholders including customers, employees, associates, etc. Building sound systems of risk management and internal controls.
Adopting a process driven, unbiased, risk managed, balanced loan sanctioning process. Timely and balanced disclosure and communication of all material information to all stakeholders. Transparency and accountability in all practices.
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